Valentine’s Day Fun

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Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us and whether you love it or hate it, it probably will not be going anywhere anytime soon. So why not take advantage? I personally have never been a fan of valentines day, and even being in a relationship I can do without it. If you’re stuck in this same situation, or perhaps plan on spending time with your favorite guys and gals for some awesome friend time, maybe plan on sitting in front of Netflix with your other best friends Ben and Jerry (my ideal situation), or you really are excited about that date . . . Surprise (I have a little secret)! Valentines day is the perfect chance to go out and about on the town (or classes and work . . . not as exciting) in that cute outfit you’ve been wanting to wear, or maybe you’ve been waiting to buy (all those valentine’s day sales have gotten me a couple of fun new items!). I am a firm believer that the right outfit can turn a valentine’s day hater into a believer . . . because even if you believe its just commercial garbage you might as well look good while spreading the love . . . or angrily walking around.

I wanted to find an outfit that I could easily take from college classes to a fun date night out, but at the same time stay warm because the winter in Massachusetts and I are currently not on the best of terms. I found this awesome flowery dress from Loft with sleeves (on sale of course!). It made me feel like I was wearing a colorful garden and I instantly fell into a Valentine’s day type of mood (all I needed was a bouquet of roses to finish this look off). And of course, the obvious solution for my staying warm problem were tights, also from Loft, which kept my legs from turning into icicles the moment I stepped outside. To top it all off I through on my most trusty comfortable pair of nude heels from Clark and was ready.

My only problem was when creating a look for this romantic day I realized that I do not want to show up to class looking too overdressed so I had to find a way bring in a degree of casualness to the whole thing, because why waste a perfectly cute outfit and only wear it at night? The first thought I had was easy enough a shoe change. I traded in my nude pumps for winter booties, which was an instant mood changer. However, searching through my closet I didn’t have the right jacket or sweater to throw on top of my garden flowery themed dress. Usually, when this happens I just move on but I noticed that the colors on my dress went perfectly with a sweater I remember my boyfriend had bought not too long ago (from Kohls!) . . . cut to me stealing it five minutes later and also buying myself one (on sale of course!). Throwing this sweater over my dress instantly turned it into a more fun casual number. It still encompassed those Valentine’s day feelings while keeping me even warmer than before while not being too over the top during the day time. And can’t forget the purse! I decided to go with my small black and simple bucket bag from Cole Haan to hold the essentials.

I was able to get two completely new outfits from one dress, an old sweater, and two different types of shoes. I love being able to look into my closet (or my boyfriends, sometimes even my roommates) and take old pieces and create something completely new out of them. It’s like shopping without having to waste all the money you technically should have been saving this month.

So what are your Valentine’s day plans this year? Any ideas of what you might possibly be wearing? Plan on buying something new or creating a new look from what’s already in your closet?

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset


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