Thanks Mom

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Thanks, Mom. Not only are you probably one of the most kickass people I know, but your closet has been just as awesome all these years. Growing up we haven’t always seen eye to eye on what to wear or what’s in style. The way you dress though has always inspired me and has made me aspire to follow in your footsteps.

My mom is the type of person who believes you can never be overdressed, only under. Wherever and whenever we go out she always wore and still does dress like she’s going somewhere ‘important’. While I didn’t always understand it while I was younger I now see that what she wears is not only an extension of her personality but also a coat of armor, she dresses to receive respect, not just to be fashionable. And as I’ve grown older I can now appreciate this thought, and even find myself doing the same. I now dress not only to be respected by others but most importantly, the most valuable lesson I’ve learned from my mother in regards to the power of clothing, is it truly is about respecting yourself first and putting out a positive image into society of who you are and who you want to be. Clothes truly are your greatest superpower

Now the benefits of being a little older and close to my mom’s size are that I can fit into most of her stuff. While I think this is quite possibly the greatest thing ever . . . my mom, not the biggest fan. This has led over the last few years to her passing on (or technically me taking and never giving back) clothes in her closet from when she was my age and just starting to buy her first staple pieces. Not only do they look brand new but the quality of these garments have held up over the years and still continue to do so. These pieces have become classics and way before anyone else knew, my mom was already predicting that these were never going out of style.

The classic black moto jacket has been everywhere the last couple of years and has no signs of leaving us anytime soon. This jacket by Mac & Jac (a brand that no longer exists) has kept me warm the last two years I’ve had it during any season, and of course on trend as well. What’s fun about this is that it can instantly add some attitude to any outfit and scream classic cool at the same time. And the best part is black goes with everything so you can add some edge anywhere you go.

Burberry scarves are everywhere, and sometimes trying to spot whether they’re real or not on someone is one of the hardest things to do. This classic Burberry scarf is exactly that, a classic. This is one of Burberry’s original style scarves with the checkered pattern everyone can recognize, but is hard to attain with Burberry putting out so many new patterns and styles. One look at the fabric though and it becomes quite clear that this is the real deal. This has become a timeless staple piece that I know will be in my closet forever, and Burberry goes with everything so I have no problem with wearing it with whatever outfit comes my way.

Now for the duffel, this classic looking Eddie Bauer duffel bag was originally made in the ‘90s when the company decided to partner with Ford and design the interior of their cars. My mom received this bag then, and just as Eddie Bauer has done for countless years the quality and sturdiness of this bag is unmatched to any duffel I’ve ever owned. This bag is the first thing that walks into an airport when I am traveling and is sure to make a statement even when just sitting in the airport lounge. The beige/greenish color is sure to go with anything you’re wearing and happens to be, I believe, my best traveling accessory.

All of these pieces are ones I hope will last me as long as they’ve lasted my mom. The hardest part about this though is hearing the stories of so many more amazing pieces she had at one point but decided to give away or throw away, and wishing she had saved them for me. So I hope along the way of my fashion journey I will be able to find and invest in staple pieces that will not only last me but hopefully last my daughter one day, and of course, remember to save them.

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Processed with VSCO with p5 presetDo you have any pieces of clothing or a favorite outfit that you received from one of your parent’s closets? How do you feel about hand me downs? Do you have any pieces in your closet right now that could become staple classics? Are you willing to invest in a piece to last you a lifetime?


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