Happy Spree Day!

Happy Spree Day!!!!! Now, what is Spree Day you may ask ???? To be honest I really don’t know but what I do know is that it involved a lot of good free food and what could be better than that? I was woken up at 6 am this morning with pots and pans being banged outside my door by the seniors as they came to wish us tired and confused underclassman a Happy Spree day. No classes meant petting zoos, bouncy houses, and more food than I probably should have eaten. Yes, I went to every single food stand possible.

Spree Day in terms of Fashion I think can best be described as Coachella or any other desert festival with lots of shorts, fringe, and crop tops, but the New England weather today was not really in the mood to give us those type of temperatures so I opted for something that would keep me comfortable all day and warm while not feeling like it would get tighter and tighter on me as I ate more and more food. The solution to this always, of course, is a jumpsuit or romper. It is one piece of fabric that covers you from top to bottom without any hassle or thought. I decided to layer my gray jumpsuit from Loft with a beige springier motto jacket from Ann Taylor. And of course, around my head a classic bandana to add a festival-like element into the mix. Rompers and jumpsuits are my go-to outfits when it comes to warmer weather. Just like the advantages of wearing a dress, you don’t have to plan an outfit with multiple pieces because the outfit is already planned for you. These pieces also make for great transitional looks from day to night or even from the office to a party– throw on a blazer in the morning and trade it for a leather jacket at night with some awesome heels. I’ve done this exact same thing with this gray jumper by wearing it out to a date night!

Overall summary of Spree Day: I am tired, content, and extremely full. I am also now a huge fan of falafels and of course, my love for Ben & Jerry’s still remains true. The jumpsuit was definitely the right call. Happy Spree Day!

IMG_4947Processed with VSCO with se3 presetIMG_4948



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