Curly Hair & Graphic Tee’s

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It was finally curly hair weather this weekend! Spring is in the air and I could not be more excited. Anything above 50 degrees means I can finally leave my hair wet and able to breathe after a whole winter season of being bogged down by a blow dryer and straightener. And while I may be happy right now about this because that means 45 minutes less of having to sit in front of a mirror hoping I don’t burn myself, up until a couple of years ago I was not comfortable in the hair that I was so wonderfully blessed with. I wish growing up I enjoyed my hair more and after learning to appreciate it, this is what I wish I could tell my younger self about my curly hair.

Dear Second Grade Curly Hair Angélica,

Right now you are probably in elementary school running around with your curls bouncing around your face not to far behind. The second-grade boys look at you and laugh because they say your hair looks like a mop on top of your head. You look around to all the other girls, and you see their hair straight right down to their shoulders, and now every weekend you make mom stand behind you with a blow dryer because you no longer want to be a mop–you want to be pretty. And as you grow older this continues because you get a response not from those boys but from everyone else. You get comments saying, “wow your hair looks so nice straight” or “I love your hair so much more when it’s straight,” and you know those words are not meant to hurt you but they do anyway because you feel that pretty means straight hair. So whenever your hair is curly you put it up in a bun or a ponytail and hide your curls on the top of your head.

Then, one day you will meet a boy and he will tell you he loves your curly hair more than when it’s straight. And little by little his reassurance in that pretty can mean curly hair will make you leave it wet a little more often and use a blow dryer a little bit less. And then finally, one day you will realize that this whole time your curly hair is beautiful . . . but it will no longer be the same. Your curls when you hit a certain age will not be as curly, they will turn more into waves, and you will miss the bounce that they once had when running across the playground. You will try and find products that ‘define’ your curls and you will want to leave your hair alone as much as possible. So my advice to you is enjoy your curly hair. Relish in the fact that you have a spirit on your head that not many share. Look at your mom and realize that this was a gift that she gave you and is something that will connect you to her for the rest of your life, and hopefully one day to your children. Know that the type of hair on top of your head does not define pretty because every type of hair is beautiful. Ignore the boys and ignore everyone else because you have a gift that others dream of . . .  right on the top of your head.

Just know that someday, you will be an example to another little girl walking down the street who will see your hair looks just like hers, and because of your confidence, she will in that moment grow to love her hair a little bit more.


19 Year Old Angélica

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Spring Fashion Update: Graphic Tee’s are in!!!!!!! I have seen them everywhere dressed up and down. For a fun Saturday brunch and shopping trip, I decided to dress up the casual jeans and t-shirt look with an amazing blazer from Aritzia and my most comfortable pair of nude pumps. This look can easily go from day to night and can be done by anyone and everyone with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt in their closet. This whole outfit gives me very edgy vibes so if you’re going for ‘I’m a badass’ (excuse my french) . . . this is it. How do you plan on accessorizing your graphic tee and jean look this spring???Are you going to dress these two staple pieces up or down???


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