Fun Florals & White Denim

When I think Spring the first thing that comes to mind is florals and white jeans. Especially for 2017, the crisp white denim trend will be everywhere.IMG_5053This weekend we decided to stray from our usual brunch spot and try something different as we only have two more weeks of school left!!!!! And want to take advantage of all the things this city has to offer. Vegan Brunch was definitely the right decision this spring Sunday. It almost convinced me that I should be vegan full time, but then I remembered how much I love cheese. The vegan donuts did get to me though (Sorry Krispy Kreme) they were the best donuts I’ve had in a long time!

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To match the amazing weather outside and the flowers finally starting to bloom I decided to wear a fun purple floral top from Loft. On the bottom, I paired it with white jeans also from Loft with fun polka dots all over. White jeans can give anything a classic finish. And on that same train, monochromatic white is going to be one of the biggest spring/summer trends this year. It creates a feminine and classic vibe while being oh so trendy all in one swoop. The key to mastering monochromatic outfits is shades and fabric. To add texture to your outfit you might want to balance out different fabrics on top and bottom, something light and flowy on top with a hard denim on top, and vice versa. To add depth, different shades of white, winter white on top and eggshell on the bottom would be a perfect pair!

You won’t really see me wearing this look this summer though because I am a mess and the risk factor of an all white outfit is way to high. If you are able to handle it though I commend you and can’t wait to see it on (Also how do you do it???? Tell me your secret).


There is something about spring that always gets to me (besides the allergies). Everything starts to come back to life a renewal of some sort. I am starting to feel the same way, refreshed and ready for my first year of university to end. I am excited to explore the possibilities of work and travel this summer. This will be the first summer where I have a “real job” with a paycheck and everything and I am thrilled to see what the experience will be like. I also hope to travel with people I never have before and see places I’ve never imagined. I am feeling hopeful which is something that has been missing from my life for a while, and I can’t wait to share what happens on this platform with all of you.


So what are your summer plans this year? Can you pull off the monochromatic white look? How are you feeling right now about the future?



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