Blog Update: Summer Plans

Hello all you lovely human beings, long time no see! Summer has finally arrived and I could not be more excited. Finals are over, my first year of college is in the books, and I finally feel like I can breathe again. I am so excited for all the adventures that are ahead this summer, personally and for this Blog. I am currently in the process of interviewing for jobs this summer (your girl needs money if she’s going to want to leave the house) and hoping to gain as much experience as possible within this crazy fashion world!

In terms of this blog, my goal is to post at least three times a week on this platform and try and redesign the website and make it more personal and accessible! I was thinking about having a rotating schedule in terms of postings this would include: a fashion post, a lifestyle or life update post, and food! Also, one or two extra posts will probably appear on occasion if I travel or have something really exciting to share with y’all! For Instagram, I hope to save enough money to purchase a good quality camera to put more life into my pictures and have more high-quality content! I would also love to collaborate¬†with other bloggers and Instagrammers, and maybe even do a giveaway or two (stay tuned on that one!)

It’s only the beginning of summer and I am feeling very inspired and hopeful. I would love any feedback on what you would like to see more or less of! I will officially start all the fun this Sunday with my first post, and continue the rest from there. This summer will be one of growth, exploration, and reflection. I want to put out the best content I can for all of you, and share my voice in a way I can be proud of. Here’s to hoping for the best!




For now please enjoy this picture of us on our last day of school and my amazing thrifted grandpa sweater! (I know I look like I’m homeless but one hour after this was taken I had still one exam left, and a 13-page paper I barely started that was due in three hours . . . yay college!!!!)IMG_5096.JPG


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