Simple Statment Pieces


Simplicity is harder to find these days . . . especially when it comes to fashion. It seems that now the more patterns and accessories the more on trend you are labeled to be. And while I love following the latest of what’s in and out, most of the times I am wearing my favorite pair of mom jeans and a simple tee with no makeup on. I like to keep the things I have control over as simple as possible so there is one less element of stress or worry later. And while this doesn’t always work out the thought is still comforting.

I follow this same motif with my accessories pretty much all the time. I am not a big jewelry person mostly because I’m lazy but also because things just hanging around my neck and rings tend to annoy me if I wear them for too long. The only ring I’ve ever worn and continue to wear is my high school class ring which I love because of how small and simple it is, but also just the sentimental value of a small piece of jewelry holding so many memories. It’s something that I can look down at and be calmed by. When I saw this necklace, the size, and modesty of the piece fit right into my everyday look.

I received this necklace from an amazing lifestyle company called Good Journey based out of Southern California. They are all about positivity, wellness, creativity, and inspiration–creating products that emulate just that. This necklace goes by the name minimalist herkimer necklace and is handmade with a 14k gold chain. I’ve received so many compliments on this necklace and despite its size, this little one is a show stopper.

They have so many other amazing products that go beyond jewelry that seamlessly fit into your everyday lives ((the quality is also outstanding)) and y’all should definitely check out their Instagram: @goodjourneyca



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