Embroidered Everything


Embroidered denim is no longer for your five-year-old niece they are now the go-to pair of jeans that need to be stashed in your closet ASAP. In fact, pretty much-embroidered anything you need to get a hold of right now, because this is one of the biggest trends for this season and pretty soon fall and winter as well ((I know, I know . . . you don’t want to think about the cold right now)).  Embroidery can be kind of intimidating especially if you’ve never tried it before. At first, the trend seemed kind of childish to me more than fashion forward. So I took my first baby step into this new world with these simple pair of light wash jeans from Kut from the Kloth. The embroidery was simple and understated which allowed for a statement all within itself. ((A side note on these jeans though . . . they actually were the most comfortable pair I’ve ever owned and fit me incredibly well!!! I will 100% be buying more of these)) I paired it with a white off the shoulder textured top from Michael Kors to give it a little bit more of a cool edgy look for a day in the City. And of course, New York always means walking so I threw on a pair of my white (well technically off white at this point) high top chucks.

The awesome thing about embroidery whether it be on jackets, pants, or shirts is that the options are endless when it comes to design, colors, and the kind of statement you want to make. It is also a built in accessory piece, so two for the price of one! What could be better than that?! I will definitely be on the lookout for more embroidery pieces in the next coming months to add to my collection.

VSCO Cam-1-1.jpg

VSCO Cam-1.jpg


VSCO Cam-1-3.jpg

Shop My Look: Jeans| Kut from the Kloth Top | Michael Kors Shoes | Converse

Here is also a list of some of my favorite embroidery pieces out there if you are currently on the hunt!


Macys | Style & Co Embroidered Boyfriend Jeans (on sale! $31.99)


Urban Outfitters | BLANKNYC ($168)


Nordstrom|Topshop Embroidered Denim Miniskirt ($68)


Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 10.43.12 AM.png

ASOS|Vero Moda ($48)


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